Societal responsibility

We believe that our responsibility to society includes ensuring legislative boundary conditions as well as a long-term and responsible balance between economic and social goals. With values and guidelines, we implement societal responsibility and social obligations in practice.

Sustainability by example

GTS is dedicated to sustainable corporate action. According to our code of conduct, our obligations as an OEM partner and as an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company, we apply sustainable and environmentally-oriented management principles. As an owner-managed company, GTS strives for long-term growth and demand-oriented innovations. Topics such as sustainable innovations and systems, environmental protection, material and energy efficiency, and worker safety and training measures are also a natural part of our sustainability by example at GTS. For our production, in practice, this means: less waste material, less energy consumption, better production performance, preventive maintenance, and maximum workplace safety.


Sustainable innovation

We pursue sustainability for our customers. The use of innovative development and design methods is important to us, in order to optimize the environmental effects of our products and systems. We also follow the principles of sustainability in our product designs: We develop sustainable generator technology — which means that we pursue efficiency with high-end quality and low power consumption.

Sustainable personnel development

Sustainable corporate actions also play a large role in protecting our employee’s jobs. Of course, we also provide opportunities for growth at work and appropriate in-house and external training and education opportunities. An important part of the ongoing development of our employees is regular team meetings, which are designed to solve the most critical challenges together and to reach our objectives. We provide young people with the opportunity every year to complete career training in our production or administration departments.