Cooling and A/C

GTS cooling and A/C equipment for commercial vehicles and buses

GTS cooling and A/C equipment has been proven in bus air-conditioning systems with high cooling performance and reduced fuel consumption. Our perfectly tuned GTS cooling and A/C system consists of a GTS generator connected directly to the engine, with 3–36 kVA and GTS inverter technology. GTS inverter technology is incorporated in an easy-to-mount roof module with the entire electrical A/C system. This means that a cost-saving, extremely high-performance solutions has been made available for A/C system retrofits in buses with great market success.

For GTS cooling systems in commercial vehicles, single and dual-bearing generators with 3–36 kVA power are driven by a U-joint, hydraulics‑, or belt drive. As with bus A/C systems, our practical installation system consists of a GTS generator connected directly to the engine and the GTS inverter technology. The frequency curve can be programmed via variable-frequency inverter, or individually tuned (constant or frequency-driven).

Performance features:

  • Automotive design
  • Modular expandable
  • Optionally liquid- or air-cooled
  • Overload capable
  • soft start for refrigeration compressors
  • Independent speed controls for compressor and fan with GTS-Inverters
  • CAN-Bus‑connection
  • Application-specific solutions


  • External mains supply possible
  • Cooling capacity independent of speed
  • Energy savings
  • Completely closed system
  • Adaptable to application

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