GTS innovations are based on the interaction of electronics and mechanical engineering. They are colored by our efforts to provide our customers with excellent quality and perfectly adapted system at all times. In practice, this means that many of our innovations arise from perfecting systems for customer applications.

Networking with research facilities is also very important for the ongoing development of our products. In our research projects, we work on innovative solutions for practical applications, such as high-temperature versions and creative housing solutions.

Innovation driven by electronics

Many years of technical competence in the field of electronics drive our innovations. An internal development department and electronics production provide the space and opportunities for generating, testing, and implementing ideas for application solutions. Some past examples of how we have implemented good ideas in solution-oriented and economical innovations:

• Development of a mobile, scalable variable frequency inverter (5–120 kW) for both automotive grid replacement and for controlling synchronous and asynchronous machines.

• Development of an intelligent control electronics system to increase performance of existing generators and systems.

• Coordination of interaction between the generator and power electronics, to optimize the overall system.


Our partners: