Underfloor systems

Underfloor systems

GTS underfloor installation system with generators from 8.5–15 kVA

This installed set is driven directly by the drive engine of the vehicle via the auxiliary power take-off. If power is required while parked, engaging the auxiliary power take-off increases the engine speed a little, so that the auxiliary power take-off has an output speed of 1000 -1 rpm. This is transmitted via the drive shaft to the planetary gearbox seated directly on the generator. The gearbox converts the speed to the 3000 -1 rpm required by the generator. Once the auxiliary power take-off has started, the required electrical power can be accessed from the power outlets mounted in the vehicle.

Performance features:

  • Complete and ready to install
  • Protection class IP69K 
  • Integrated planetary gearbox
  • Maintenance-free shafts
  • Vibration damping

GTS commercial vehicle power plants

GTS provides underfloor installation kits for mobile power generation in commercial vehicles. The applications are many and varied, whether for cooling systems or fully autonomous power generation in promotional vehicles with stages, lighting, and amplifiers. For each area of application, GTS has the perfect solution for mobile power generation in commercial vehicles.

Anyone who use to need to transport a bulky mobile power supply unit in order to have power on site will find the GTS commercial vehicle power plants to be a cost-saving, high-performance alternative.

Performance features:

  •  High performance range of up to 40 kVA
  • Vehicle and generator are optimally matched
  • Engine and generator are connected via hydraulics or planetary gearbox and homokinetic linkages from auxiliary power take-off/2. PTO
  • Generators with integrated controller and power connection box
  • Depending on the application, the GTS Inverter Technology optimizes mobile power generation while driving


  • Saves shipping space and payload in comparison with conventional solutions
  • No handling of separate fuels and lubricants
  • Available at any time, ready for use immediately
  • Lightweight (85 kg at 13 kVA)
  • Lower space requirements underneath the vehicle
  • Reduced exhaust emissions
  • Low operating costs
  • Low noise

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