Handling equipment

GTS iMAPLA—Intelligent magnet plate systems for material handling and sorting

Our GTS iMAPLA Systems consist of intelligent controllers and generators for oad-lifting magnets which offer the optimum solution for high productivity in material handling and sorting. ‑

We supply a fully integrated system—from the GTS generator to the electronic GTS controller with self-protecting electronics, to the GTS magnet plate system.

Our GTS iMAPLA System stands out through its modular design. An intelligent system with individual “Plug & Play” components that are mutually optimally tuned. This means it can be installed quickly and easily, opening up versatile applications for nearly any needs.

In short: GTS iMAPLA is perfection with individual handling!

Multifaceted solutions

The GTS iMAPLA System is the professional solution for your mobile magnet plate system: Wherever you want to go, take advantage of our GTS iMAPLA system in a wide range of industries and different applications, always with the benefits of our professional system solutions custom-built to your specifications. We provide versatile system configurations within the iMAPLA family.


Maximum efficiency:

  • Up to 25 % shorter handling cycles
  • Maximum efficiency level


Maximum reliability:

  • Designed for continuous operation
  • 100% hermetically sealed housing
  • Protection class IP54 and higher
  • Corrosion-free materials in compact lightweight design
  • Self-protecting electronics protect against short circuits, loose contacts, interruptions, overloads, insulation failure, overtemperature, low and high speed errors


Outstanding price-to-performance ratio:

  • Durability and reliability
  • Maximum productivity
  • Easy installation in existing handling equipment


Intelligent controller:

  • Automatic adjustment to various magnet plate sizes
  • Extensive diagnostics capability (standard installation)
  • Vibration free and reliable hydraulic or belt drive (with belt slip prevention)
  • Prepped for CAN bus connection



iMAPLA CLASSIC is a fully integrated system, that can be installed in any conventional handling machine. In this case the generator is connected directly to the engine of the machine, in order to generate electrical energy.

Our iMAPLA CLASSIC is particularly well suited for use in scrapyards and recycling facilities, where magnetic material must be continuously handled and sorted.

iMAPLA QUICK is the ideal solution for demolition companies that need to handle, sort or filter out magnetizable materials. In this case, the generator is re-equipped in the short term.

The GTS iMAPLA QUICK tool consists of the GTS generator and the electronic GTS controller, and is mounted on the load-lifting magnets. It can be connected to the MMI of the machine by cable or wireless connection. In this case, the generator is driven by hydraulics.

GTS Gensets are autonomous mobile devices that consist of the GTS-iMAPLA system and integrated diesel engine. They are used on large fork trucks in steel plants, for example, as well as port facilities and airports.


  • Gasoline or diesel engine with integrated tank
  • Generator with electronics
  • Electric starter and battery (12V)
  • Load-lifting magnet

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