Synchronous generators

Synchronous generators

GTS generators are self-excited synchronous inner pole generators with power ranging from 3 to 40 kVA. They are electronically controlled and meet protection class IP54 per DIN EN 60529 (VDE 0470)—protected against dust and splashing water. Numerous flange styles and versions are available for special applications, such as with and without blower, foot or flange mounting, controller on the cable harness, etc. … GTS generators are especially robust machines, with full radial loads borne by reinforced bearings.

Our synchronous generators are also economical in terms of procurement and operating costs and efficiency. They have a wide speed bandwidth at constant, or optionally frequency-controlled, voltage. With the potential to control the speed via a variable frequency inverters, the speed is independent of the load.

Our GTS generators have been proven a hundred thousand times over. Our high-end generators provide a foundation for numerous applications that can master their tasks better and more powerfully with mobile power generation. They include: Service vehicles, sewage tunnel construction, rescue services (firefighting, civil defense, etc.), promotional vehicles, construction vehicles, street sweepers and cutters, agricultural and military applications.

Perfectly tuned electronic controls are part of the complete solution, and of course we provide them as well.

GTS generator with gear transmission
GTS generator with gear transmission
GTS generator with special ventilation concept
GTS generator with double-ended shaft
GTS generator with hydro adapter

Technische Daten:

version Brushless/Self-excited brush
  Available in single or dual-bearing versions
Power and speed:         
Model 132 2-pole: 3-22 kVA, 3000 rpm – 7000 rpm
  4-pole: 5-15 kVA, 1500 rpm – 5500 rpm
Model 160 2-pole: 20-40 kVA, 3000 rpm – 5000 rpm
  4-pole: 10-40 kVA, 1500 rpm – 5000 rpm
Alternator 8-10KW / 5000 rpm – 14000 rpm
Connections Belt, hydraulic, flange, cone
Voltages 3-phase 400/230V standard
  1-phase 230/115V standard
  Other voltages available on request, 3-phase or 1-phase, 110V–460V
Harmonic factor < 5% (< = grid)
Transient time < 100 ms
Voltages constant +/- 1%
Protection class IP54 /IP69K (weitere auf Anfrage)
Cooling Air-cooled with axial/radial blower. Alternative cooling concepts on request
Interface Junction box/cable harness
Robust Reinforced machine bearings, capable of full radial loads
weight-optimized designed using aluminum technology
service-friendly Service-friendly modular concept allows all individual components to be replaced easily

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