From earlier times.
And current innovations.

GTS, formerly Stützel Elektro GmbH, began in 1896 with electrical machine production in Aalen. In this dawning era of electricity, Stützel Elektro built a wide range of devices such as motors for washing machines, blowers, DC generators and motors, and alternators. Soon they switched to power generation with electrical current. This is the basis for the trove of experience in the “Stützel Elektro” brand, which ranges from the design of low-voltage DC systems for galvanic and other purposes, DC dynamos and three-phase squirrel-cage motors in many varieties, and transformers, to a well-equipped motor repair shop. Starting in the 1990s, the Stützel Elektro‑ company developed and built generators, such as for Bosch and other companies. The Stützel GmbH + Co. motor factory in Gmünd became 1996 the company Generator.Technik.Systeme. GmbH & Co. KG.

Today, GTS is a highly motivated and high-performance company, with leading expertise and experience comparable to anyone. Continuous development work allows us to provide cutting-edge, electronically controlled generator technology, with intelligent precision and technical perfection that mean maximum efficiency for our customers.

For over 100 years, our “Swabian innovation forge” has worked on the development and application of high-performance generators for electrical power generation. With this experience in electrical 

systems, electronics, design, our “Made in Germany” engineering quality, expertise, and creativity, individualized customer solutions have been found in the following fields: 

  • Systems for electrical air conditioning for mobile applications (buses, commercial vehicles, trains),
  • Systems for producing energy in all kinds of vehicles (firefighting, rescue services, transport, communities, sales, railroad),
  • Systems for autonomous control of load-lifting magnets for mobile applications
  • Systems for efficient operations of heating planks in road finishing machines
  • power electronics individual solutions for power generation and control of power electronics in all mobile applications—whatever customers need.

Also, our expertise in repairing electric machines is based on 100 years of experience, and began in 1898 with the Stützel company. Today we are a certified operation with experience in the manufacture, development, repair, and maintenance of electrical drives and components. We are happy to apply our legacy, that is, our experience, to provide active support for the repair and maintenance of your electrical machines!



1896     Founding of the company Stützel – GMW (Aalen) by Fritz Stützel
1925    Acquisition of Süddeutsches Elektro-Werk (Schwäbisch Gmünd)
1996    GTS acquisition of Stützel – GMW (Pfennigmühle, Schwäbisch Gmünd)
1998    New start + new company orientation
2000    Breakout from the IP54 power generation niche into new business areas
             (iMapla, road finishing, cooling equipment)
2005    Relocation to new production facility (Mögglingen)
2008    Expansion of production area (Plants 1+2)