High Volt Alternator System

Generator Power Pack GPP 12000 3

Intelligent onboard systems for your reliable energy supply

GTS is developing and producing intelligent, grid-independent energy systems for the vehicel and transport sector: Our systems are used in large commercial vehicles such as emergency management vehicles, recovery vehicles, towing vehicles, heavy goods transporters, cranes, material handling machines, refrigerated vehicles and air-conditioned buses, delivery vans, camping vehicles, even pick ups.

GTS’s GPP 12000 3~ system consists of a compact high-performance generator, rugged frequency inverter and intelligent E-Box. The system is easy to install in any vehicle meaning it can be installed quickly and hassle-free.It generates the same current as the mains(1 and 3 phase);We have also taken care of safety:the GPP 12000 3~ complies with all relevant standards, such as ECE-R10.

Compact and universal for any commercial vehicle:The high-performance generator for this system is small and compact. This means it can fit in the space for the 2nd alternator in the engine compartment of any commercial vehicle. The air-cooled high-voltage generator operates with little noise in the 3,000-9,000 rpm range, producing an output of 12,000 Voltamperes 1- and 3 phase.The GTS Generator with the smallest dimensions in our product range generates huge system output for its size. The rugged frequency inverter with integrated sinusoidal output filter especially developed for automotive applications supplements our high-performance generator.The frequency inverter remains very compact despite the integration of the sinusoidal output filter which plays an important part in emergency generating units.The intelligent E-Box is the third part of the system.It provides the necessary socket outlets.The customer has everything from a single source.A special feature of the E-Box is its integrated insulation monitoring device which provides permanent safety and switches off all plugged in devices automatically in the event of a problem.

Benefits: Rugged, Long-life, High-performance

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